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How To Clean & Store Your Rubber Stamps

Proper cleaning and storage of your rubber stamps is an easy way to extend the usable life of your rubber stamps.


Note: Some stamps can become stained after repeated use or after use with permanent inks. If your stamp is stained, but clean, it will not transfer old ink into your new project.


Supplies you may need to clean your stamps:

Soap and Water or Stamp Cleaner: Most non-staining inks can be washed off using mild soapy water (a small amount of dish washing detergent mixed in water is fine). A clean toothbrush is great for washing off ink that has become embedded in nooks or crannies in your rubber stamp.There are a number of great stamp cleaners on the market. Stamp cleaners gently clean and condition your rubber stamps. Some stamp cleaners are formulated for use with specific inks. For example, our memories stamp cleaner works really well for cleaning our memories ink off of your rubber stamps. It is also great for removing all kinds of water soluble inks.
Stamp Scrubber or a Toothbrush: Stamp scrubbers are reusable textured scrubbing pads that safely and effectively reach into the nooks and crannies of your rubber stamps to remove the bits of ink that are otherwise hard to reach. We highly recommend using either a stamp scrubber or a clean toothbrush to get your stamps completely clean before storage.


Directions for cleaning your rubber stamps:

Caution: Do not immerse wood mounted stamps in water or cleaner. This will damage your stamp.
Caution: Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your stamp and damage it permanently.

Step 1: Stamp Off

First, stamp the rubber stamp repeatedly on scrap paper to remove any surface ink.

Step 2: Clean with Rubber Stamp Cleaner or Soapy Water

Apply stamp cleaner to stamp (or weak soapy water if your ink is water soluble).

In photo: Memories Rubber Stamp Cleaner

Step 3: Wipe Stamps with Stamp Scrubber Pad or a Clean Toothbrush

Use a little rinse water on your toothbrush or scrubber if you are using soapy water (stamp cleaner usually won't need to be rinsed off). 

In photo: Rubit Scrubit Rubber Stamp Cleaning Pad

Step 4: When your stamp is clean and dry, store it on a flat surface away from direct sunlight.

As you can see, our stamp is fabulously clean after use.


Storing your rubber stamps:


Caution: Never store your stamps while they are dirty or wet.


There are many systems for stamp storage available. Choose one or make your own but be sure stamps are always stored clean, dry, flat, and away from direct sunlight.

Caution: Avoid storing rubber stamps in cardboard boxes. Direct contact between rubber and cardboard can dry your stamps out and reduce their useable life span.

For Wood Mounted Stamps:

May we suggest a cabinet or drawer? We love storing our rubber stamps in clear drawers. It keeps them organized, flat, and clean.

For Unmounted Stamps:

For unmounted stamps mounted using the EZMount™ system, we recommend EZMount Lightweight Stamp Storage Panels

EZMount™ panels are 3 hole punched for a standard 3-ring binder. Store your EZMount™ mounted unmounted stamps on 1 or both sides of these convenient panels.

Not using EZMount™? Then, you may want to try storing your unmounted stamps in repurposed CD jewel cases, in baseball card album sleeves, or in another type of storage system.