Card Contest Winners 2022 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Winners 2023

Co-winners of this year's Grand Prize:
Margaret Davies and Sherry Morley

This year we awarded two grand prizes, instead of one. In alphabetical order:

Lively birthday card featuring poodles, french bulldogs, hedgehogs, and an elephant enjoying a party together. The hedgehogs say, Should we address the elephant in the room?

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: Party Time
Stamps used: Poodle, French bulldog, Cat and dog looking up, HedgehogsElephantHappy Birthday


Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: December 26th
Stamps used: Tropical SantaSniffing Out Santa Blood Hound

This year we celebrate two card entries that are very different from each other, but that delighted us just the same.

Margaret Davies' card, "Party Time" was an amazing work of dimensionality with a thrill of whimsy. She paid attention to every detail of her creation but focused on creating a diorama of party goers, employing a handmade paper chain on the wall, layered pop up elements on her background characters, and pop up easels to bring her forefront characters into charming 3D. 

We admit that the cold winter weather here in Ohio may have influenced us a tad in choosing Sherry Morley's card, "December 26th" as co-winner of this year's Grand Prize.  Like her Santa, we long to be whisked away after the holidays to enjoy a rest on a deserted tropical island. However, Sherry's talent for clean lines, balanced textures, and luminescent color palettes made her card an early favorite. We loved her glowing horizon, the textures in the trees and water, and the overall balance in her design. No space is wasted, but nothing is crowded. 

All card entries have been resized to fit this page; a few have also been cropped or digitally enhanced in other ways - to better suit this page and our purposes. Our judges made their choice based on the original entries as submitted; many factors were considered.

All decisions are final. Prize packages (store credits) will be sent to both prize winners by email. If you are a winner and have not been contacted by January 20th, 2024, please email us using our contact form.