Card Contest Winners 2011 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Winners 2011

Grand Prize Winner

Artist: Julie Strache
Title: Spooky Graveyard

Stamps used: Bats, Haunted Tree, Cemetery, Small Tree.

Our team loved this card because of its overall great coloring scheme. It almost glows with brilliant Halloween color. The composition made excellent use of the available stamps and the giant harvest moon is luminous. Great job! Congratulations Julie!

Supplies: Rubberhedgehog Stamps, white card stock, black staz-on ink, pumpkin pie ink, more mustard ink, craft sponge, and circle punch

Artist's Instructions:

Cut white card stock so you have a 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 piece. Place your card on your scor-pal horizontally and score at 4-1/4. Stamp all your images first with black staz-on ink. Punch out a circle with your circle punch. Take the circle and place it on your card where you desire to have your moon. Using the craft sponge, sponge around the circle and the top half of your card with more mustard and pumpkin pie ink until you get the desired look you want. Using the other side of the craft sponge, sponge the black staz-on ink on the bottom half of your card until you get the desired look you want. Sponge the black starz- on ink heavy in the center of your card.

Note: The small trees were stamped multiple times. Your card is complete!



 3 First Place Winners:
(in no particular order)

Artist: Elise Gerke
Title: Shamrock Fox Terrier

Stamps used: Fox Terrier Wearing Glasses.

Stamp images and color with copic markers. Die cut with spell binders. The card is made with layered disc shaped paper cut outs - and hinges on the single green button on the side so that the card slides open instead of folding.




Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Prairie Skyscraper

Stamp use: Grain Elevator.

Stamp the grain elevator onto a piece of paper. Give the grain elevator a weathered look. Then cut it out. Though I know that the scan does not do the image justice, we loved the way this image was made to look weathered. The coloring was excellent and brought out the beauty of this rustic image.




Artist: Cathy Ryan
Title: In-Curry-Gerbil

Stamp used: Gerbil.

All cardstock from California Papergoods. Plastic "jar" was hand drawn on a freezer baggy with a permanent marker. Ink on the gerbil is a Ancient page archival. VersaMark ink is used on the background chicks and rats. Adhesive transfer gun and red sticky tape used. Metallic flakes used on the outer border. Jar lid was hand drawn.

This entry was intensely creative and we loved the good match between the image (mischievous pet) with the pun "in curry gerbil (incorrigible)". I think there is real curry glued INSIDE the jar. Thank you so much to Cathy Ryan for putting her heart into this one!



 2011 Honorable Mentions
(in no particular order)

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: One Planet

Stamps used: One Planet, Polar Bear.

This photo was taken by the artist from her back deck one night (in Alaska) It was about -12 degrees. The photo then was printed onto printer paper and used as the background for this card. She then stamped it with RubberHedgehog rubber stamps.




Artist: Julie Strache
Title: Playing Fuzzy Ferrets

Stamps used: Ferret, Standing Ferret, Ferret Paw Prints, Ferret Fun Saying, Dook!

This card was very dimensional. When opened up on the accordion fold, the cute little bell dangles just about the ferret on the interior fold. The ferrets are fuzzy with flocking.

Cut white card stock so you have a 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 piece. Place the cut white card stock vertically in your trimmer/cutter at 2 inches. Cut a slit from 2-1/8 to 7-1/2.

Now put your card stock on your scor-pal turning your card horizontally so the slit is down (meaning, closer toward you). From the top of your card stock to the slit, score at 2-1/8. Now score the entire card stock at 4-1/4. Also score the top of your card to the slit at 5-3/8. If you are using the scor-pal move the left edge of your card stock to the 1 inch mark and score at the 6-3/8 mark, then move the card stock back to the edge of the scor-pal for the next two scores. Score from the top of your card stock to the slit at 6-1/2 and at 7-1/2.

Accordion fold card - making sure the 4-1/4 score is the mountain folded at the narrow side, and the valley folded is at the wide part. Stamp your images and color with color pencils, markers, or chalk.

Using two-way glue, lightly cover your desired areas you want the light brown and white fun flock to cover. Add your fun flock and tap off any lose pieces. Cut out your images and add dimensional to the back side. Stamp any images or sayings on your card. Cut two 1/8 slits about 1/8 apart from each other at the top of the mountain fold of the card and slide the tooth pick through. Add a bell to your string, tying it slightly into a knot. Add a dab of glue to the tied knot to keep it firmly in place. Once the glue is dry, tie it to the tooth pick and add another dab of glue to secure the string to the tooth pick. Remove your backing on the dimensional and adhere your cut out images to your card. Your Card is complete!




Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Old Crow

Stamp used: Crow.

Debbie Mumm background paper; Phillips head brads.




Artist: Elise Gerke
Title: Forever Love

Stamps used: Penguin on Icy Heart

Stamp images and color with copic markers. Die cut with spell binders.




Artist: Julie Strache
Title: Love A Raccoon

Stamp used: Raccoon in Heart.

Cut white card stock so you have a 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 piece. Place your card on your scor-pal horizontally and score at 4-1/4. Using the big shot and the scallop circle die, carefully cut out your scallop card, making sure you leave at least 1-1/2" wide fold at the top.

Place your card closed, with the folded side against the corner wall on the scor-pal. Score on the fold of your card at 1/4 inch. Paper pierce two holes through to the backside, one on each side of your card, just above your fold. Add your silver brads and set aside. Punch out 12 small chocolate hearts and one small scallop circle. Set aside. Using the big shot cut out your white 3" circle. Stamp your images with black straz-on on the 3" circle.

Take the small scallop circle and place it between the tree branches. Take your craft sponge and dab it in the bashful blue. Now dab it on the edge of the small scallop circle to create the clouds. Color the raccoon with the black colored pencil. Use the aqua painter and pull the black color until you get the desired look you want. Use the chocolate colored pencil to fill in the tree branches. Use the blush marker to color in the ears and feet of the raccoon. On the clean side of your craft sponge, dab it on the soft suede ink and rub it onto the sides of the 3" circle until you get the shade you like. Also, dab the soft suede ink lightly on the rest of the white area. Adhesive tape each heart and place accordingly with each scallop on your card. Adhere your 3" circle to the scallop card with adhesive tape. Make a bow with your ribbon and adhere it to your scallop card with two glue dots. Add pink liquid pearl to the nose and set aside to dry. Your card is complete!



Artist: Elise Gerke
Title: Easter Bunny

Stamps used: Bunny Painting Eggs.

Stamp images and color with copic markers. Die cut with spell binders.




Artist: Julie Strache
Title: Saloon

Stamp used: Ferret Saloon.

Cut white card stock so you have a 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 piece. Place your card on your scor-pal horizontally and score at 4-1/4. Cut a 5-1/4 x 4 piece of wood sheet. Stamp the image with the black starz-on. Color image with desired colors of markers.

Corner punch each corner of the wood sheet. Paper pierce a hole in each corner. Add a antique silver brad to each corner. Sticky tape the wood sheet onto your black card stock. Your card is complete!




Artist: Collette Whorton Fields
Title: Happy

Stamps used: Ferret Looking Back.

Stamp images and color with copic markers. Die cut with spell binders.



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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our 2011 Greeting Card Contest - receiving all your cards was great fun!

As always, our choice was very difficult. There were many creative, clever, and polished entries and only four prizes available for this round.

We also chose 8 entries for honorable mention - though we would have liked to have chosen many more for recognition.

All card entries have been resized to fit this page; a few have also been cropped or digitally enhanced in other ways - to better suit this page and our purposes. Our judges made their choice based on the original entries as submitted; many factors were considered.

All decisions are final. Prize packages (store credits) will be sent to Grand Prize and First Prize winners by email. Honorable mention card crafters will receive a small gift in the mail from our crew for their amazing contributions to this year's contest. If you are a winner and have not been contacted by September 2011, please email us using our contact form.