Card Contest Gallery 2022 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Gallery 2022

Card Contest Entry Mouse Making Cookies

Artist: Heidi Russell
Title: Not a creature was stirring.
Stamps used: Stirring Mouse


Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Sunny Day.
Stamps used: Sunset, Dune grass, and Sand bucket.


Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Happy Hello!
Stamps used: Umbrella Cockatoo


Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Thinking of you.
Stamps used: Thinking of you, Eastern bluebird, and Eastern bluebird.


Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Miss you
Stamps used: Eastern bluebird.


Artist: Heidi Russell
Title: A gift for you.
Stamps used: Labrador Retriever with stick.


Artist: Heidi Russell
Title: Get vaccinated!
Stamps used: Coronavirus and Nurse.

Artist: Cathy Dahl
Title: Royal Dreams.
Stamps used: Reading frog 

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Submarine
Stamps used: Moray eel, Jellyfish, Starfish, Squid

Artist: Tonia Phinney
Title: Hip Joint.
Stamps used: Guitar Skeleton, Trumpet Skeleton, Trombone Skeleton and Saxophone Skeleton

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Sea-son's Greetings!
Stamps used: Santa Shark, Christmas Jellyfish, Christmas under the sea

Artist: Shobana Samraj
Title: Backyard Beauties.
Stamps used: Caterpillar, Beetle, Lady Bird Beetle, Ant, Grasshopper, Pill bug, and Snail.

Artist: Shobana Samraj
Title: Happy Mother's Day
Stamps used: CaterpillarCaterpillar, and Tiger Swallowtail.


Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Accidents happen.
Stamps used: Witch accident, Broom

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: The Uninvited Guest
Stamps used: Anteater, Picnic Basket, Ant

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Boo Shrimp.
Stamps used: Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, and Shrimp.

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: The Great Escape.
Stamps used: Raccoon Bandits, Labrador.