Card Contest Gallery 2021 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Gallery 2021

Artist: AJ Vander Ende
Title: Hello!
Stamps used: Farm, Sunflower, Grass, Hedgehog Farming.

Artist: AJ Vander Ende
Title: Happy Thanksgiving
Stamps used: Happy ThanksgivingBulldog Pilgrim 

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: Happy Retirement
Stamps used: Tiny Cyclist, Tiny Swimmer, Golfer Silhouette, Kayaking Cat, Labrador with Stick

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: The Village Gossips
Stamps used: Hedgehogs, Bee on Flower, Cat, Daffodil, Mole, French Bulldog, Flowers

Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: I Wasn't Finished With Summer
Stamps used: Bunny In Pool, Summer Saying

Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: I Like You
Stamps used: Squirrel Valentine, Peanut

Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Ferret-o-lantern
Stamps used: Ferret Jack-O-Lantern (retired), Pumpkin (Left) (Retired), Pumpkin (Right)

Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Have A Purr-fect Day
Stamps used: Grumpy Cat, Purrfect Day Saying (retired)

Artist: Gina McCreary
Title: Hang In There!
Stamps used: Sloth, Hang In There Saying

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Old-Fashioned Rooster Weathervane
Stamps used: Rooster Weathervane

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Scarlet Macaw
Stamps used: Macaw Parrot

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Rainbow Lorikeet Watercolor
Stamps used: Lorikeet (retired)

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Graveyard Band
Stamps used: Cemetery, several Day of the Dead Band stamps from this page

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Krampus
Stamps used: Krampus, Krampus Saying

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Boo To You
Stamps used: Bulldog Angel, Witch Cat

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Bulldog Approved!
Stamps used: English Bulldog, Bulldog Approved

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Tis The Season To Be Cool
Stamps used: Christmas Tree, several penguin stamps from this page

The witch moves around in a circle!

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Don't Text & Fly
Stamps used: Crashed Witch, Witch Texting

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Santa Jaws
Stamps used: Santa Shark, Shark Fin with Hat

Artist: Marilyn Rawlings
Title: Wishing For A Better Year
Stamps used: Wishbone Pets

Artist: AJ Vander Ende
Title: Happy Howl-O-Weenie
Stamps used: Weiner Dachshund, Happy Howl-O-Ween Text

Artist: AJ Vander Ende
Title: Ghost Stories
Stamps used: Woman with Binoculars, Wildlife Campfire, Sitting Cat, Sitting Hedgehog

Artist: AJ Vander Ende
Title: Please Bloom
Stamps used: Watering SquirrelSunflower.

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Unexpected Encounter in the Mist
Stamps used: Lochness Monster, Ghost Ship, Shiver Me Timbers Saying

Artist: Cathy Dahl
Title: Critter Bar
Stamps used: Frog at Bar, Deer at Bar

Artist: Terry Lebioda
Title: Chocolate Bunnies
Stamps used: Three Wise Bunnies

Artist: Terry Lebioda
Title: Caroling Mice
Stamps used: Caroling Mice Trio (Retired)

Artist: Terry Lebioda
Title: Zebra Thank You
Stamps used: Zebra