Card Contest Gallery 2018 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Gallery 2018

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: Will Never Forget You
Stamps used: Elephant, Baby Elephant, Baby Elephant.

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: Happy Vacation
Stamp used: Dog & Cat Looking UpBear in HammockBeach ChairIsland HammockKayaking CatsTabby Cat.

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Cheetah
Stamp used: Cheetah.

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Leopard
Stamps used: Leopard.

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Dog Sleeping
Stamps used: Dog Sleeping in Bed.

Artist: Angela Hollen
Title: Rustic Rooster
Stamp used: Rooster Weather Vane.

Artist: Angela Hollen 
Title: Lion Resting
Stamp used: Lion Laying Down.

Artist: Terry Lebioda 
Title: Memorial Day Dog With Flag
Stamps used: Dog with American Flag.

Artist: Terry Lebioda 
Title: St. Patrick's Day Irish Setter
Stamp used: St. Patrick's Day Irish Setter.

Artist: Jennifer Haney 
Title: Its Raining Bones
Stamps used: Begging Pug, Dog Bone.

Artist: Laura Karl 
Title: Lifting Your Moo'd
Stamps used: Cow Getting Abducted.

Artist: Shellie Nelson 
Title: Stray Bar
Stamp used: Octopus at BarDeer at BarDog at BarFrog at BarBar Fly.

Artist: Melissa Braukman 
Title: Bats
Stamps used: Bat, Bat.

Artist: Cathy Ryan
Title: Glory to Rodents
Stamp used: Rat.

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Totally in Awe!
Stamp used: Dog & Cat Looking UpHedgehogFerret.