Card Contest Gallery 2017 - RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

Card Contest Gallery 2017

Artist: Margaret Davies
Title: I Am Here For You
Stamps used: Playful Tabby, Cattitude.

Artist: Carolyn Soprych-Favia
Title: Pink Passion
Stamp used: Yorkshire Terrier.

Artist: Carolyn Soprych-Favia
Title: Doggie Bling
Stamp used: Dog Bone Bling.

Artist: Shellie Nelson
Title: Doggy Paddle
Stamps used: Dog With Megaphone, Kayaking Dachshund, Kayaking Labrador

Artist: Lyman Green
Title: Get Well Soon
Stamps used: Sick Emoji, Ambulance, Stethoscope.

Artist: Jennifer Haney
Title: Get Well Soon
Stamp used: Pug on Pillow.

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Someday My Prince Will Come
Stamp used: Castle Princess.

Artist: Sherry Morley
Title: Dog Days of Fall
Stamps used: Fall Leaves, German Shepherd in Leaf Pile, Dachshund in Leaf Pile, Beagle in Leaf Pile.

Artist: Charis Richardson
Stamp used: Shark Silhouette.

Artist: Lynn Rhodes
Title: Get Well Frog
Stamps used: Sick Pelican, Frog In Throat Saying.

Artist: Cathy Dahl
Title: Pair of Boxers
Stamps used: Christmas Boxer.

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Starfish Wishes
Stamp used: Starfish.

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Jellyfish Trio
Stamps used: Ocean Floor, Jellyfish.

Artist: Carolyn Soprych-Favia
Title: Tiny Greeting
Stamp used: Yorkie Angel.

Artist: Carolyn Soprych-Favia
Title: Shopping Small
Stamp used: Shopping Yorkie.

Artist: Shellie Nelson
Title: Pooped Pup
Stamps used: Sleeping Dog, Feeling Pawly Saying.

Artist: Shellie Nelson
Title: Heaven's Gate
Stamp used: Labrador Angel.

Artist: Jennifer Haney
Title: Happy Birthday Pug
Stamps used: Happy Birthday, Pug Hug.

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Ottergraph Book
Stamps used: Sea Otter, Sea Otter, Sea Otter, Seagulls, Flock of Birds.

Artist: Roxanne Marker
Title: Chocolate Moose Bar
Stamp used: Chocolate Moose.

Artist: Cathy Ryan
Title: Prancing With The Stars
Stamps used: Hedgehog, Chicks, Rat, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Reindeer, Horse, Firefly, You Light Up My Life, Shark, Big Foot, Krampus.

Artist: Josie Jackson
Title: Graduation Card
Stamps used: Running Hedgehog, Finishing Hedgehog.

Artist: Cathy Dahl
Title: Superior Cat
Stamps used: Dog In Sprinkler, Cool Cat.

Artist: Larelle- Susanne Thoms
Title: Your Special Day
Stamp used: Birthday Frog.

Artist: Nicole Fischer
Title: Killing It
Stamp used: Killer Whale.