Meet the WINNERS in our 2009 annual
pet lovers star search!



Oliver (his friends call him Ollie) is a quick study in the art of charm. His human lovingly reports that Ollie has learned to work things to his advantage and is absolutely completely spoiled rotten!

He is known as King Oliver by his many subjects and rules his home with an iron paw. He also has an affinity for neck scritches.

Our rubber stamp of Ollie will be drawn from the photo on the right and will be available before the holidays.


Our 2009 Pet Lover's Star Search
Grand Prize winner


See the 2009 Pet Lover's Star Search Rubber Stamps!

Our 2009 Pet Lover's Star Search

First Place Winners
(in no particular order):

Albert Einstein: A laid back kitty who is named both after his human's beloved Grandfather, Albert, as well as after the famous Albert Einstein because of his bushy eyebrows. Albert is an amazing 14 1/2 lb cat with an 18 inch long tail! And, we think he has a lovely "cattitude."
Mr. Einstein is a special cat, loved by his humans and we think he will make a lovely rubber stamp.

Diva Belle: A 4 month old "apple head" chihuahua. Her human reports that Diva Belle is a complete joy to be around and loves to give kisses. She thrives on attention and spends her days chasing her brothers and sister (cats and ferret) around the house and her nights cuddling with them. She has a larger than life personality and does not let her size inhibit her in any way. She truly is a blessing and puts a smile on her human's face everyday.

Fritz: Adopted at 4 months old, Fritz is absolutely adored by his humans. They tell us that he has helped bring them a new outlook on a breed with an underserved bad reputation. Fritz loves everyone and everything! He is the sweetest ever! His name says it all...F-R-I-T-Z... F-Four-legged! R-Ridiculously cute! I-Irresistible! T-Treats anyone?!? Z-Zillions of kisses!
We agree. And, we think Fritz will make a great rubber stamps!

Gizmo: A lovely Keeshond dog with a very endearing hobby. He likes to get dressed up for the holidays. Here he is, posed with his Valentine's day bounty - all received, I'm sure because his human loves and adores him so much. She tells us that Gizmo has brought her love, joy, and companionship over the years and that she feels indebted to him for all she has received. It was a lovely sentiment and Gizmo will make a lovely rubber stamps.

Kajabbi: Son of Jabba The Het, Kajabbi's personality shines through as vibrant as his color. His human brags about him, "to those who say reptiles never tame, just tolerate, I say you never met Kajabbi. What an awesome dragon!" And, we agree. This little fellow exudes loads of personality and we found him quite beautiful as well.

Noah: A blue merle Australian Shepherd puppy who just celebrated his first year, Noah is described by his loving human as "our little love bug." Noah is always ready to greet his family with lots of kisses and body wiggles and big blue eyes reflect all the love and joy in his heart.
His human also exclaims that Noah is "all boy and is constantly performing - jumping, spinning, running through the house with a toy. You could search the world over and never find a sweeter boy than our little man Noah." What a lucky boy Noah is, to be so adored!

Oggie Doggie: A 4 year old Piebald Daschund, Oggie Doggie was adopted this past January from a rescue in Vancouver Washington. Since then, Oggie has been an absolute joy and his human's brag that they are very lucky to have him as part of their family. His favourite activities include walks, car rides, chasing after his toys and most of all, snuggling under a blanket with Mom.

Pribo: This beautiful Arabian horse is all dressed up for the holidays and is sure to spread good cheer to all in his little red Santa hat. His adoring human tells us that Pribo is a friendly horse who will allow children to reach out and pet his nose as he stands very nicely. He has been in the Rose Bowl Parade and has been a long-time friend and companion to his adoring family. He also wears a wreath on his back!

Scampy: Described by his humans as a relaxed, friendly, and easy-going Cock-a-poo, Scampy does get excited when he first catches sight of his humans as they arrive home, whereupon he dashes outside and runs in joyful circles across the porch and around the garden. He also loves to be petted, played with, and to hear that beloved question,"Do you want your breakfast?!" His little button nose, floppy ears, and scintillating eyes make him absolutely adorable! And, we believe Scampy will make an adorable rubber stamp!

Yoshiko: An incredibly buoyant hedgehog who calmly combines staying clean with the rigors of aquatic ballet, Yoshiko is clearly puzzled at why she is being photographed in the bath. Her other talents are too numerous to list. But, if you are offering, she really loves being petted and cuddled.

Skunk: A very cute, striped ferret with the amazing ability to mimic the proverbial three monkeys of the Koshin faith. The three monkeys include Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. We do not know how Skunk came to learn this amazing talent, but his human modestly claims that Skunk was just washing his face while she took these photos.

Cashmere: A beautiful ragdoll cat, is described by his human as being "a very big boy!" He meows at the bathroom faucet and his devoted servants come running to be sure this beautiful boy has plenty to drink. He likes to be brushed and have his teeth brushed too. If you time it right, you can catch the beautiful Cashmere playing hide and seek with his humans at home.

See the 2009 Pet Lover's Star Search Rubber Stamps!



Our 2009 Pet Lover's Star Search

Honorable Mention

(although they will not be made into rubber stamps, these are just a few of the pets whose most precious of faces made our choice so difficult this year - seriously, I say this every year and it is always true: it was painful that we couldn't choose them all!), in no particular order.






Sweet Pea


India & Friend



Miss Peach





Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our 2009 pet lover's star search - whether by sending in a photo of your pet or by voting for your favorite pic. You have all made our star search both fruitful and exciting (and the judging tortuously difficult).

Nearly every entry had some overwhelmingly charming quality. In fact, there were so many utterly captivating photos and delightful stories, that we ended up with a 12 first place winners - when we had originally planned for half that many. Luckily, our artist was able to accomodate additional winners this year. Thanks to everyone for making this year's star search such a success. I hope you'll all be back next year.

We also chose 12 entries for honorable mention - though we would have liked to have chosen many many more for recognition.

All pet photos have been resized to fit this page; many have also been cropped and a few have been digitally enhanced in other ways - to better suit this page and our purposes. Our judges made their choice based on the original photos as submitted (you'll see this when the art work is finished - drawings will be based on uncropped photos as well); many factors were considered. Tie-breaking essays were absolutely crucial in a couple of cases - so be sure to include those next time you enter!

All decisions are final. Prize packages will be shipped out to the addresses that were included with the winning entries - so if you have moved, will be moving, etc., please email us and let us know as soon as possible. We'd hate for your prize packages to end up at the wrong address. Thanks again!

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